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Caribbean Jewels Care

Wednesday, August 7th, 2013

Scilla Peruviana Planting and Care

Scilla Peruvian Planting and Care

Planting: Bulbs can be planted outdoors directly in the ground or in containers from September-December. Caribbean Jewels need good drainage and not too rich of a nutrient soil. Plant the nose of the bulb 1-2 inches (2.2-5 cm) under saline and 8-12 (20-30 cm) inches apart. For a fuller Caribbean Jewels, multiple bulbs can be planted in a container.

Lighting: Full sun to part sun. Best location is under a deciduous tree.

Watering: No need for watering, winter rains are sufficient for Caribbean Jewels to grow.

Fertilizing: Caribbean Jewels grow successfully outdoors in poor soils. Lightly fertilize if planted in pots.

Dormancy: Caribbean Jewels naturally go dormant in dry summer climates. Caribbean Jewels are best adapted to its native Mediterranean climate. It will re-sprout from a dry bulb with cooler autumn temperatures and rain.