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Category Archives: Amaryllis belladonna Care

Amaryllis belladonna Care

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013

Amaryllis belladonna Care

Amaryllis belladonna Care

Amaryllis belladonna is easy to grow and thrives with abuse. In nature they bloom when they are dried out and lack nutrition. Once planted, Amaryllis belladonna requires very little attention or care. Amaryllis belladonna is deer and rodent resistant.

Exposure: Full to part sun 

Blooms: August-September. Must be root bound to bloom. 

Planting:  Amaryllis belladonna can be planted in all zones in pots. Amaryllis can be planted for xeriscaping applications or as landscape plants where ground does not freeze. Amaryllis belladonna is not to be confused with Amaryllis bulbs sold in pots for Christmas. It will not bloom indoors. 

  • Plant bulbs in groups in the fall.
  • Plant bulbs 2-4 inches deep and 3-4 inches apart in full sun, just deep enough to cover the bulb to its tip.
    • In colder zones plant Amaryllis belladonna bulbs slightly deeper or cover with mulch. Amaryllis Belladonna lilies are clump forming and will eventually form a solid mass. The closer Amaryllis belladonna bulbs are planted, the sooner they will bloom.

Watering: Amaryllis belladonna requires minimal watering. Amaryllis belladonna thrive with abuse, therefore do not need water to survive.

Fertilizer: Fertilizer is not needed. Naturally Amaryllis belladonna bloom when they are dried out and lack nutrition. 

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