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Calla Aethiopica Care

Wednesday, August 7th, 2013

Calla Aethiopica Care

AethiopicaPlanting: In mild winter zones plant bulbs outdoors in Autumn. For colder zones plant in Spring after last freeze or start growing indoors.

In containers: Plant bulbs 2” (5 cm) deep from top of bulb, using commercial soil mix. Larger posts produce larger, healthier plants.

In ground:

    plant 3-4” (7.5 cm- 10 cm) deep and 12-24” (30-60 cm) apart in ground. Soil needs to be moist but free draining. Plants can grow 3-4 feet tall and as wide.

Lighting: Aethiopica tolerates anything from full sun to deep shade but performs bed in 50% sun/shade.

Watering: Keep soil moist during active growth.

Fertilizing: Any full spectrum fertilizer at standard rates.

Dormancy: Aethiopica will continue to grow foliage after blooming allowing for energy storage for next year’s bulb growth. Aethiopica naturally goes dormant in dry summer climates. The leaves will turn yellow and dry. When grow as an indoor plant in colder climates or with year round rains the foliage on the aethiopica will remain evergreen. Aethiopica It is recommended to mulch where the ground will freeze.

Cold winters below USDA Zone 8: Dig up tubers in areas where winters reach 10° F (-12° C) or colder. Keep bulbs dry in paper or mesh bags and protected from freezing. It is ok to leave tubers in their pots if the soil is completely dry. Store pots by stacking in a dry non-freezing area. Replant tubers or begin watering the pots the following spring after the last freeze.

Aethiopica Bulbs