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Aloha Lily Bulbs

Aloha Lily is our new collection of dwarf eucomis plants. Aloha Lily has long lasting blooms with an exotic coconut scent. Aloha Lily Leia was the first introduction, a burgundy beauty with delicately purple spotted leaves. Aloha Lily Maui has crisp, white blooms that complement Leia. Aloha Lily Nani is the soft pink addition to the collection with attractive blooms that last for weeks. Aloha Lily is a drought tolerant plant once established and requires little care. Aloha Lily bulbs are perfect for planting in small to large containers or in the ground. Aloha Lily are deer resistant plants. Bring a piece of paradise home with our collection of pineapple lily plants, Aloha Lily.

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