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Caribbean Jewels

Caribbean Jewels comes from the species Scilla peruviana. Also known as the Cuban lily as it has naturalized quite well on the island of Cuba. Although the names lead us to believe it comes from South America, it actually originates from the Mediterranean, naturally going dormant in the warm and dry summer months of the region. Scilla peruviana sprouts new leaves in the Autumn as temperatures cool and the first rains water the soil. Caribbean Jewels is unique for its striking blue color and large umbel shaped flowers comprised of hundreds of small starry blossoms. The small flowers first open at the base of the umbel slowly opening over time towards the center of the flower, giving the plant an extended blooming period. Caribbean Jewels bulbs can be planted in containers anywhere or directly in the ground where the soil does not freeze. In the garden Caribbean Jewels are a proven xeriscape plant or drought tolerant plant requiring no water other than winter rain. They are easy to grow and require little to no care. Caribbean Jewels bulbs can be planted from September to December, blooming from mid-February into April.

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